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Free Trial of Executive Wellness & Performance Coaching


A bespoke healthy living plan for your senior executives to help them perform at their best. FREE OF CHARGE!


Our short form, 3-part coaching program is the perfect opportunity for busy senior leaders to prioritize their health and wellness. Our program is delivered via Zoom or Teams, making it accessible from anywhere and at a time that suits you. With just a 1hr 45 minute time commitment, you will have 3 scheduled calls: a 45-minute initial call, followed by 2 x 30-minute follow-ups over a period of 4-8 weeks.


You will work with a coach to create a personalised health and wellness action plan based on your specific objectives. Sign up today and take the first step towards living your ideal healthy life.

Interested? Watch this short video to find out more:

What's on offer?

3 of your senior leaders will be taken through our short form, 3-part coaching program, free of charge.


The coaching programme is delivered via Zoom or Teams, accessible anywhere and at a time to suit your leaders. Perfect for even the busiest of executives.


Leaders will have 3 scheduled calls. The first is 45 minutes, followed by 2 x 30-minute follow ups over a period of 4-8 weeks.


That’s a 1hr 45 time commitment.

How do I apply for the free trial?

Simply complete the application form and submit by 17th February. 3 organisations will be selected from applications received by 24th February 2023.


*Coaching to be delivered in full within 8 weeks of the start date.

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How do I Qualify for the Free Trial?


You must:


Be a senior leader, board member, or executive decision-maker.

• Believe in optimising professional and personal effectiveness for yourself and for your colleagues/the organisation to improve performance.

• Be committed to completing the program.

• Be in a position to roll out the program to a wider audience within your organisation.

• Be willing to provide us with information on what wellness initiatives you have in place, so we can signpost these to participants where relevant.


The business must have budget available for wellbeing and personal development and be looking to commission external consultancy on wellbeing.

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What does the program cover?

Your program will be designed around your health and wellness objectives.

  • Common topics for discussion are:

    • Work-life balance

    • Sleep

    • Fitting in fitness

    • Healthy eating

    • Building resilience

    • Boosting confidence and performance

Crucially, your programme is about you so, with your coach, you will drill down into what wellness means to you & ensure you’re equipped to live your best life every day.

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"I left every session with insights about myself, a fresh perspective of the situation and most importantly a realistic action plan. Thank you for the guidance, it has made a difference for me!"

Thank you for the guidance, it has made a difference for me!"


Jill Hong , Vice President – Customer Insights and Analytics

Improves the health and wellbeing of your people

Reduce absenteeism amongst your workforce

Improve Productivity and therefore business performance

Increases traffic to other wellbeing initiatives, E.G Employee Assistance

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What you can expect from your coach​

Strategic & practical insight 

Our job is to assist you with a framework for progress and provide strategic and practical insight on how to fast track your healthy living results.

External accountability

The coaching program creates an element of external accountability for you​.

Support & education

We will support you, educate you and challenge you where appropriate. ​

Tailored for you

We will always have your selected objectives front of mind​. We appreciate you are busy and the strategies we will work on together will be designed to fit your schedule​.

What your coach will expect from you​

Focus & commitment

Participants in the coaching program achieve the best results when they spend some time considering the details of what they would like to achieve and then take prompt and consistent action towards these objectives​.

An open mindset

If you are open minded and prepared to experiment with new actions and ways of thinking, you will succeed quickly​.

  • What do I have to give up to fit this in?
    The coaching programme is easy to fit into the busiest leader’s schedule. You will be investing 1hr 45 minutes of your time to overcome barriers that may have prevented you from living your ideal healthy life in the past. You’ll also be giving up on: · De-prioritising your health and performance · Excuses for not focusing on your health · Repeating the same negative patterns · Beating yourself up for not achieving your goals
  • What will i gain from this coaching plan?
    You will gain: - Consistent motivation from healthy living experts to implement the changes you know you should be making. - A personalised health living action plan with easy-to-follow guidance. - An accountability partner to help you achieve your goals. - Access to the Tonic365 wellbeing hub containing tools you need to keep prioritising your own wellness. - A shift in mindset and behaviour that will help nourish you and keep you well for the long term. - Simple steps you can take to make huge improvements to your wellness and professional success.
  • What if I already feel at optimum fitness and performance?
    That’s great news – how would you like to give your colleagues the tools they need to succeed? Try out the programme before investing in it to benefit your colleagues and the wider organisation.
  • What if I don’t get access to free coaching?
    If you miss out on this special offer, don’t worry. Stay connected to us on our social channels, LinkedIN and Twitter, and sign up to our newsletter for regular healthy living inspiration and top tips. This way, you are at the top of the list when it comes to future special offers!



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