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5 Quick, easy and tasty snack ideas for boosting energy

To save you time here are five quick and easy snack ideas.

1. Two/three pieces of fresh fruit with a couple of spoonfuls of low fat, low sugar yoghurt and a sprinkling of seeds.

The protein in the seeds and the yoghurt will slow the energy release of the fruit keeping your energy levels up for longer.

2. Chopped peppers with hummus

All you need is one bag of mixed peppers and one pot of hummus. The variety of colours of the peppers will give you a blend of vitamins and anti-oxidants. The hummus will provide some protein to ensure the energy form this snack lasts for longer.

3. Rice cakes with nut butter

Choose cashew nut butter or almond butter rather than peanut butter to ensure you’ve got a lower sugar protein based snack that will keep you full and focused. Add a piece of fruit or two for extra vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

4. Dr Karg’s classic 3 seed crackers (or similar) and a banana, apple or orange. Tasty, nutritious, and you won’t believe how filling these crackers are. Stock up online or get moving to the nearest supermarket or health food shop.

5. Stock your fridge at home with spinach leaves, avocados and sweet red peppers. Stock your office desk with walnuts, a bag of mixed nuts and seeds and a small bottle of Olive Oil. As you leave for work, put some spinach leaves, an avocado, and a pepper into a Tupperware. When you’re hungry, chop the pepper and the avocado, throw them in with the spinach leaves, sprinkle on the nuts and seeds and some Olive Oil. Serve with a side order of walnuts.



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