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Men's health week: get fit fast

Becoming fit and staying fit not only helps your heart and keeps your waistline slimmer, it focuses the mind and encourages other good habits like better eating, effective stress management and good balance in your routine.

It's a great way to raise your performance in all aspects of life. The key to fitness programmes succeeding is all about speed and appeal. What we call Male Pattern Fitness. We've all tried new fitness programmes that fail after 2-3 sessions and that's because they either didn't suit us, or they required too much time which we weren't willing to give.

Here are 3 excellent ways to get the most fitness out of half an hour - so no room for "I haven't got time".

1. Interval Training

Focus on quick bursts of high intensity activity mixed with recovering on the go for twice the results in half the time 2. Circuits

Put together a selection of key exercises and run through them in quick succession to combine cardio and strength training in a short space of time 3. Team sports - real or virtual This is about using technology to push you further. Make your exercise and activity social with some team sports or group cycling, running, hiking or anything else you enjoy. You can also get online to boost your engagement by using Garmin, Strava, Nike+ or a whole host of gadgets and Apps to spur you on the greater wellness results.

Whatever exercise you do, find a way to log it and track it. This not only helps you review your achievements and progress over time but you'll also be inspired and motivated by what others are up to.

The more motivation you surround yourself with, the better use you'll make of all your exercise time and the greater the chance you will reach your goals quickly.

To kick-start your exercise this week, try out some of these 30 minute workouts.



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