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The noise of snoring is down to the vibration of the soft tissue of your nasal passages, the roof of your mouth and your tonsils. This can be a natural consequence of your airways relaxing as you sleep or narrowing if you have a cold.

You are more likely to snore if you are overweight, if you are a smoker or if you drink excessive alcohol.

There are a range of ‘cures’ for snoring ranging from sewing a golf ball into the back of your pyjamas to prevent you sleeping on your back (which can aggravate snoring), to nasal decongestants, nasal strips, mouth guards and surgery.

Lifestyle factors that you can look at include cutting down on dairy products, stopping smoking, reducing alcohol intake, losing weight and staying well hydrated although with the last one you need to time your hydration through the day so you’re not woken up at night to go to the loo frequently.

Finally, allergies can aggravate snoring so keep your sleeping environment dust free (and possibly pet free) and check there is nothing in your bed linen that you are allergic to.



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