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The Challenge

What’s the secret to optimising health, energy and performance for every individual in an organisation?


We all know what it feels like to have a great day.  When you’re in the zone, firing on all cylinders, busy juggling lots of moving parts with progress being made on all fronts from the start to the end of the day. 


It’s known as flow state and we all experience it.  But maybe not as often as we’d like.

The Solution

Getting into flow state more often is about taking charge of your energy, focus, attention and effectiveness.  Which means making good choices with how you manage your time, how you prioritise, what you eat, how you manage stress, how you get active, your sleep routine, and how you interact with other people.


Sounds like a lot to think about?


Do not be alarmed!  We’re here to help. 


Our healthy habits hub will educate and motivate staff throughout your business.

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Membership access provides your team with:

The tools they need to take charge of their health, performance and happiness

Accountability to make the changes they know will be good for them

A testing ground where they can experiment and design the healthy habits and routines that allow them to be at their best every day

The WHAT, HOW, WHY of Healthy Habits

We’re obsessed by high performance habits and how these can be achieved by everyone.


Our approach is strategic as well as practical.  We’re not just experts in our field but we’re all coaches as well so we can support staff with actually making change happen. 


Finally, we understand that each individual will have a unique solution and we don’t rest until we’ve helped them design it.


What to do to live a healthy live – the practical solutions for good sleep, eating well, getting active and balancing work and life.


How to get started and then maintain momentum and motivation to create healthy habits that last.


Why healthy living matters – to each and every individual.

Faint Glow

We will help everyone in your business understand our 5 key pillars of wellbeing

Time management, organisation & prioritising

How to get the most out of every hour of every day

Coach your own life

Understand what works for you, take control, learn key skills, maintain results forever


Look great, feel great

Design the workout routine that gets results

Rest, recover, recharge

Prioritise sleep, breaks and balance your life


Energy, focus, concentration & mood

Shape up the healthy eating routine that fits your lifestyle

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Our healthy habits hub is the closest thing to having our team of wellness experts by your side every day.  Encouraging you, reminding you, motivating you to be your best. 

01-Sign Up.png
Sign your teams up for instant access to our healthy habits members hub where they can begin transforming their wellbeing, performance and happiness right away.
1. Commit
2-Welcome Email.png
Each employee will receive a welcome message explaining how to get the best results from their healthy habits hub journey along with top tips to set them on their way.
2. Focus Your Mind
3. Personalise Your Journey
Members set up their own profile page where they can:
  • Benchmark their current healthy habits situation using our personal wellness assessment

  • Identify individual wellbeing priority areas for change

  • Select and commit to their programme objectives

4. Take the Challenge
What’s the best result you could achieve with healthy living in 1 month?  Well, here you can find out.  Our 28 day kick-start programme guides everyone through the essentials of healthy habit change.  Looking for fast-track results that last? Start here.
5. Design your Bespoke Plan for Healthy Habits
6-Habit Update.png
Members use their profile page to experiment with new approaches, quickly identify their unique combination of healthy habit hacks and map out the system that works for them in the long term. Keep success close at hand and when life gets busy, know and protect what works for you.
6. Fill Your Brain
…with tips, tricks and strategies that ensure long-term success.  The Tonic Healthy Habits resource centre is an ever-growing library of articles on exercise, healthy eating, sleep, resilience and coaching techniques, video workouts to fit any busy schedule and video tutorials outlining the healthy hacks that we know work.  Members can customise their library to suit their goals and objectives.
  • Access to our healthy habits coaching team for times when a little extra inspiration and accountability is required.

  • Quarterly group wellness webinars for a regular top up of fast-track tips and motivation. Your teams can tune in from wherever they are in the world

7. Maintain Motivation

All members will receive the Tonic Monthly newsletters to keep everyone motivated:

  • Top tips on exercise, healthy eating, sleep, stress management, time management

  • Challenge of the month

  • Inspirational quotes

  • Signposts to further                                    resources

*additional fee applies for workshop package

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