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120 days left to make this year count

It's the end of August which means that we' re now two thirds of the way through 2023.

So, following the summer break, it's the perfect time to reflect on the objectives you set yourself at the beginning of the year, see how things are going and renew your motivation for the rest of this year.

You did set yourself objectives back in January didn't you? Following our cold, dark and wintery video reminder?

Hope so. Now time for a review...answer the following questions for both your professional life and your personal life:

  • What's your greatest success so far this year?

  • What's your most satisfying achievement of this year?

  • What has frustrated you this year that you still need to address?

  • What do you most want to achieve by the end of the year?

  • What do you need to add to your routine or do differently in order to optimise your effectiveness every week until the end of 2023?

  • What do you need to stop doing by the end of the year. Something to delegate or remove from your schedule to make room for more time to add your unique value to every day?

We’ve spoken previously about the vital importance of scheduling regular check ins with yourself, and the fact that these are made more efficient if you employ a simple framework.

The above questions can be used as this framework to ensure steady and consistent progress from now until the end of the year.

You have 122 days until Dec 31. That’s a lot of time to move things forwards and set yourself up for an amazing 2024!



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