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What's it all about?

Participants have the opportunity to work with a wellbeing expert to design a unique approach to healthy living.  


This specifically designed programme will help you overcome barriers that may have prevented you from living your ideal healthy life in the past, and will set you up to look, feel and perform at your best for now and for the future.

How to get started with coaching programmes for your team

Email to speak with one of our team about a package of coaching programmes to suit your business.

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What does the programme cover?

Your program will be designed around your health and wellness objectives.


Common topics for discussion are:

  • Work-life balance

  • Sleep

  • Fitting in fitness 

  • Healthy eating

  • Building resilience

  • Boosting confidence and performance


Crucially, your programme is about you so, with your coach, you will drill down into what wellness means to you & ensure you’re equipped to live your best life every day.



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How the program works

  • You will have 3-5 video calls with your wellbeing coach

  • Prior to call 1 we will send you pre-work for you to return.  ​

  • Coaching call 1 lasts around 45-minutes​

  • Coaching calls 2-5 last up to 30-minutes ​

  • Calls will take place via Zoom​ or Teams

  • During each call, you and your Coach will update your ongoing action plan​

  • With your Coach will agree the optimum time frame for the programme that suits your schedule and your objectives.  Usually this is between two and four weeks between each call meaning we will design and test your bespoke plan across a period of 3-6 months.​

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"My Coach is extremely talented – observant, empathetic, insightful, and very experienced with helping leaders get past blocks and work through challenges . 

I left every session with insights about myself, a fresh perspective of the situation and most importantly a realistic action plan.

Thank you for the guidance, it has made a difference for me!"


Jill Hong , Vice President – Customer Insights and Analytics

Illustrated Waves and Particles

"Things are looking positive at home and at work my confidence is improving.

Thanks very much for the sessions, they were really valuable in pointing out what was under my nose.


I’m starting to accept that I can affect the situations I find myself in and can steer a balanced way through, without always thinking of the negatives.

I have already made some real positive changes this week based on our conversation, so thank you again for your time.

Programme Participant, Sovereign Housing

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What you can expect from your coach​

Strategic & practical insight 

Our job is to assist you with a framework for progress and provide strategic and practical insight on how to fast track your healthy living results.

External accountability

The coaching program creates an element of external accountability for you​.

Support & education

We will support you, educate you and challenge you where appropriate. ​

Tailored for you

We will always have your selected objectives front of mind​. We appreciate you are busy and the strategies we will work on together will be designed to fit your schedule​.

What your coach will expect from you​

Focus & commitment

Participants in the coaching program achieve the best results when they spend some time considering the details of what they would like to achieve and then take prompt and consistent action towards these objectives​.

An open mindset

If you are open minded and prepared to experiment with new actions and ways of thinking, you will succeed quickly​.

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