6 reasons to work with us

1. Experience

Over the last 20 years we've designed programmes and worked closely with 40 organisations, reached hundreds of others through strategic partnerships and helped thousands of employees improve their health, wellbeing, performance and happiness.

2. Knowledge

Our team of experts all really know their subjects.  We're all fully trained with a broad understanding of the theory and science behind healthy eating, sleep, exercise, stress management and mindfulness and we're great at listening to the healthy living challenges faced by those we work with so we can deliver clear, concise advice that really works.


3. Relevance

We have helped employees in a whole host of roles, job descriptions and working in many challenging environments.  From offices to retail outlets, distribution centres, container ships, cruise ships. staff working remotely and employees facing the challenges of regular travel.  We know how to shape wellbeing programmes and solutions that resonate with each target audience.

4. A clear approach

Our initiatives focus on three elements: education, accountability and motivation.  We help people uncover what to do, when to do it and why its worth making the effort.

5. Results

We love dramatic results but more than that our programmes focus on creating lasting impact.  Our mission is to create long-term behaviour change for individuals and long-term culture change for organisations.

6. Innovation

Because we've worked with great clients across many sectors - finance, retail, hospitality, media and executive education - we understand all of the challenges individuals face when trying to live a healthy life and we know how to overcome these challenges.  Our solutions are creative, innovative and inspiring.​​

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