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4 Top Tips to Fit Exercise into Your Life

Are you guilty of thinking you don't have time for exercise? If you are, it's time to think differently. Here are 4 easy ways to re-programme your thoughts about getting active so you can fit regular workouts into your busy schedule.

1. Focus on quality not quantity

It is possible to get the same benefits from a 15-minute workout as it is from an hour of exercise. It’s how you use the time that matters. The effectiveness of your exercise routine should rarely be judged by how much time you dedicate to it each week but rather in the context of the results you experience.

2. No workout time is too little or not worth it

Too many people fall out of the habit of exercising regularly because they think each workout will take up too much valuable time. Factor in travel, transit and changing time as well and it’s just too much to pack into an already busy day. The problem is that we only need to miss one or two workouts and we start feeling guilty and frustrated and then write off that week or even that month.

Be creative with your workout time and shake things up through the week. A longer session is fine now and again if this fits in with your schedule and your goals, but for other slots in the week keep the time to a minimum and challenge yourself to work as effectively as you can within this time slot. Some sessions will require travel time to the gym or to the location where your team or training partners meet but others can be done from work or home meaning every minute of these slots is dedicated to quality exercise time.

3. Make plans and don’t procrastinate

When things get busy, exercise can be one of the things to get bumped off your schedule but this doesn’t always results in creating more time. In fact it often leads to less effective time if you’re left feeling sluggish and as though you just need to clear your head. Exercise is perfect for energising your day so schedule your workouts into your calendar and then stick to your pre-determined slots – without hesitation! Exercise time is key to optimising your efficiency each day and from week to week.

4. Create positive associations

If you associate getting active with losing valuable time then you’re already at a disadvantage for achieving your best fitness results. If on the other hand you associate working out with boosting energy, reducing stress, thinking creatively, coming up with solutions to issues at hand and creating a sense of balance in your life you’ll be motivated to prioritise your workouts.

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