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7 Great Reasons to practice Pilates

In the quest to shape up a plan for getting active that works in the long term and enhances all areas of your life, including techniques from the world of Pilates is an excellent idea. Here's why...

1. Pilates improves core strength, reducing the risk of back pain and can help with rehab of old injuries

2. Pilates improves posture, helping you to sit, stand and move more efficiently which improves energy levels and can enhance your personal impact

3. Pilates develops flexibility, helping to offset long days of sitting at the desk

4. Whatever sport or exercise you enjoy, Pilates provides a solid physical base to work from making all activities safer and more effective

5. Pilates restores balance to your body. Modern life means that some parts of the body are overworked while others are left under utilised. Pilates helps even up the workload to keep you injury free

6. Pilates is time-efficient. Just a few minutes a day can strengthen and protect your body for the entire week

7. Pilates is good for the mind. Focusing closely on specific movements helps clear your head, improves creativity and helps you tackle issues from a new perspective



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