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Free up valuable time: do it, ditch it or delegate it

It’s just not possible to keep packing more into each day. Remember you’re aiming for quality of output, not quantity of activities. Your 168 hours each week are precious so use them wisely! Adopt the habit of responding to everything on your to do list in one of three ways.

1. Do it

If it’s urgent or it’s a crucial part of your future success, do it now. At worst, make a note of the specific time when you will do it.

2. Ditch it

If a task isn’t interesting, exciting or part of your future, ditch it.

3. Delegate it

If something on your list is important but not exciting for you, construct a plan to delegate it. It often feels like it’s just quicker to do a variety of things yourself but if you really want to free up time and spend your efforts where they really make a difference, find quick and easy ways to delegate as much as possible.

Use this framework to help reorganise your to do list.

Do ditch delegate
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