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Exercise: get going, stay focused. A quick checklist

The key to starting and maintaining an exercise routine that sticks and rewards you with consistent results is to keep things simple. This 5 step checklist will help you do just that so make sure it becomes part of your long-term exercise mindset.

1. For best fitness results, a regular workout routine is key. Aim for short, focused workouts throughout the week rather than packing all your activity into one or two days at the weekend

2. Don’t leave your exercise routine to chance. Schedule workouts in your calendar and set aside more slots than you actually need in case one or two sessions get hijacked by other commitments

3. A balanced fitness programme will ensure quick and on-going results while reducing the risk of injury or boredom. Make sure your routine has plenty of variety

4. Plan exercise and activities that you’ll enjoy and look forward to. Make commitments to get active with other people to add accountability and fun

5. Set objectives and be clear about why your exercise programme matters. If you have some specific results in mind that you’re keen to achieve, you’ll look for opportunities to fit your activity in rather than excuses to avoid it



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