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How to design an effective alcohol strategy

How much you drink, and how often, is a very personal choice, but it is important to make sure that your alcohol intake is a conscious choice and not merely a habit that you've fallen into over time and have never questioned. Most Governments or National Public Health Agencies indicate how much we should all drink (a guideline, not a target remember) but really it's up to all of us to decide what works best at various times of life, so… Take a moment to decide the alcohol strategy that you think is best for you given your current routine, objectives, commitments and lifestyle. Establish how many days (or evenings more likely) you'll be drinking through the week, how much you drink on these evenings, and how many alcohol-free days you'd like to have per week and per month. Why bother? Alcohol can impact your energy levels, sleep quality and sense of control and balance in life. It's also worth noting that if you do consume most government's 'recommendation' each week, the calorie count of the alcohol could add up to an additional day's worth of the recommended guidelines - so around an extra 2000 calories a week in alcohol. It's far easier to establish a strategy for alcohol for the week and then follow it than it is to make 'should I / shouldn't I' decisions on the day, so it's useful to get into the habit of reviewing your approach every week or two.




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