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How to visualise success

The human brain cannot tell the difference between a real and an imagined experience. We have the capacity to elicit all the detail and emotions that accompany events, even if we’ve never lived through these particular events.

This is an amazing ability.

On the one hand it’s a great early self-preservation mechanism that we are able to anticipate all the negative impact of events that could possibly be a threat to us. Like our in-built warning system.

On the other hand, we can use our ability, to visualise in as much detail as you like, every aspect of achieving success with any goal we set out to achieve.

Visualising success and answering a few key questions while you do this will ensure that you have total clarity on all the positive reasons why reaching your goal is worthwhile for you. You can then regularly create the most vivid and exciting pictures of your future and work on these until the visualisations become your reality.

You’ll know your visualisation skills are working when you feel all the physical symptoms of excitement that accompany the success you are imagining. Continue to ask more questions of yourself and work on the answers that lead you to feel almost overwhelmed by the desire to do whatever it takes to make this dream a reality.

Here’s how to use visualisation to fast track results

1. Picture yourself living your ideal healthy life in all its detail. Keep working on the vision until it feels like you are living your future already.

2. When you reach your healthy living goals, how will you feel?

Confident? Self-satisfied? Triumphant? Powerful? Happy? Think of as many emotions as you can.

3. When you reach your objectives, how will life be different?

Imagine that you have achieved all your objectives and consider how life changes for you now.

4. When you reach your objectives, what does you day look like? What activities does you day contain? Imagine your new routine in clear, bright detail with as many sounds and sensory impressions as you are able to elicit.

5. When you reach your objectives, what activities will you no longer have to put up with? Which of the tasks, commitments and people that feature on your current daily list will you be able to remove?

6. When you reach your objectives, what will others be saying about you? What conversations will you hear? What would you like other people to be saying about you?

7. When you reach your objectives, what do you say to others about yourself and your achievements?

8. How does achieving your objective affect your self image and the image you portray to those around you?

9. As you visualise future success, note down any actions you wish to take right now to speed up your progress?

You can now use the powerful feelings generated by your visualisation to take instant action towards creating a world around you that matches up to the mental images and physical feelings you have just experienced.

Visualising your future gives you a distinct advantage in the quest for success as it prepares your mind and body for your great achievements to come. The sooner you imagine success, the sooner you will live it!



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