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Instant Actions to Boost Wellbeing

In all the years we’ve been helping individuals and business improve the results they achieve with creating healthy habits, one thing has remained consistent as a guaranteed strategy for success.

Instant action

  • Taking positive action sooner rather than later is empowering. Action creates speedy solutions.

  • Action provides feedback to help you refine the approach that works for you sooner rather than later

Either way you immediately feel more in control.

Safe in the knowledge that you’re on the path of proactive healthy living rather than feeling as though getting started with living a healthier life is just one more thing on your ever-growing ’To do’ list.

The key is that you act on the suggestions promptly. Many of these things we all know.

It’s doing them that makes the difference.

Instant action 1

Take a break or set an alarm to take a break within the next 90-minutes.

Then plan to take a break every 90-minutes every day. It need only be for a few moments but a short pause will help you clear your head, refocus and make the most out of every 90-minute chunk of your day.

Too busy to take a break?


Fail to take breaks and there’s a danger you simply wander further and further away from your priority tasks as the day progresses.

This will cost you way more time than taking short, regular breaks.

Instant action 2

We work with lots of ambitious and successful people.

Always filling every hour and trying to pack more into each day and each week as they journey through life.

Given that the time we all have available is fixed, we suggest that every day you make a note of all the things you do that you probably don’t need to take with you into the future or that aren’t the best use of your time.

The parts of your daily routine where you’re coasting rather than adding value.

Tasks that you can do relatively easily and that might provide you with some sense of satisfaction but that are getting in the way of the things you really should be doing to get to where you want to be in life.

Then, once a week, make a clear plan to delegate or ditch one of these items.

Guaranteed to make you feel better right now instant action 3

Check in with your body.

Whether you’re sitting or standing, lengthen your spine, move your shoulders back and down, and take 3-5 deep breaths.

If you find these tips useful, please share with friends and colleagues.



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