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The single most effective strategy for guaranteed wellness results

In our work we come across many people who feel they're a long way away from where they want to be with their fitness, food routine, sleep pattern and work-life balance.

Usually people end up in this situation when a number of small and simple healthy living behaviours have been lost over the course of many months or even years. Not deliberately, but more as a result of an increasingly busy schedule causing people to divert their attention away from healthy living and focus their priorities on work, family or elsewhere.

In truth, prioritising personal wellness can enhance all other important areas of life, so here's the most simple strategy for success with sharpening up personal health, wellbeing, energy and performance.

The key is small steps and consistent action, and this is most easily achieved by making a plan for what you can do to enhance your wellness:


  • Think about how you can fit in some movement / activity every single day.

  • Plan to stay hydrated and set boundaries for coffees, sugary snacks, work hours and bed time.

  • Decide in advance the healthy meals and / or snacks that you will include in your routine each day to maintain your desired balance with eating for energy and performance.


  • How much activity would you like to fit into each week, how does your sleep routine look over a 7-day period.

  • How many meals do you eat out compared with the food you prepare for yourself, what's your strategy for alcohol - how much and on what nights.

  • How many social activities will you plan to help you enjoy your life without becoming over-tired?


  • What do you need to happen each month to feel that your life is balanced?

  • How many work-free days do you need each month?

  • Where does your 'me-time' feature?

  • How often do you spend quality time with family, and where in the month will you focus on hobbies, specific personal interests and things that help you recharge your batteries?

These suggestions are just the beginning and once you focus you mind on this approach you'll be amazed at how quickly ideas present themselves.

Don't expect overnight miracles but with regular and consistent action your ideal solution and results can be achieved in a remarkably short space of time.

And if you consider that just a few weeks of positive behaviour can undo the results of years of, shall we just say, not so positive behaviour, it's actually a great investment of time and planning.

Small steps really can add up to dramatic and life-changing results.



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