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What do you want to achieve?


Life is busy and we don’t often take the time to review our healthy living habits. 


This simple assessment tool enables you to take a snapshot of your lifestyle and routines, and highlight any areas where you feel there is room for improvement.  


Rate the various lifestyle areas below out of ten. 

  • Ten out of ten means you are totally satisfied with that area and there is no work to be done here at the moment. 

  • Zero out of ten means you are dissatisfied with this area and you would like to make improvements. 

Then complete the quick questions below to set your wellness goals and objectives.

1. Complete the form and click submit to receive a copy for your records

2. Revisit the assessment regularly to maintain a laser focus on what works for you and any areas where you'd like to improve.

3. You can create a member profile where you can track your progress and also compile your unique toolkit for the healthy habits that work for you!

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