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Every organisation is made up of so many amazing individuals and their success stories can change conversations and culture throughout a business.  So we wanted to share just a couple of those success stories here. Now imagine your business full of people getting great results like these...

Niels van Berlaer
Business Unit

My life has changed drastically.


I had not done any sports for 20 years, I was a master in finding excuses for not doing any activities: kids, work, travel,… Today I workout 3 times a week. It not only makes me feel better, but my energy levels are higher, my concentration is higher and I manage to relax during the runs.  Exercise is now a part of my life without impacting my other commitments and with positive impact on my work as a leader.

My eating habits have changed as well and have even affected my family members and some friends who have copied some of my new habits. My food is in better balance and I do not have to make compromises, it is all about being moderate. 


Sleeping routine is sometimes difficult but the tricks you gave me do help. I have gained in general 1.5 hours sleep per day. Looking at the number over a whole year this means 550 hours of sleep gained or 22 days. 

On behalf of myself and in particular my personal health and my friends and family I wanted to thank The Tonic for waking me up. The programme has really change me as a person and as such as a leader as well.

Business Partner / Founder

I am much more aware of hydration and have cut down on the amount of sugary cordials and squash I have. I carry water with me whenever I am out and have programmed myself so firmly to sip regularly.

I am eating breakfast from your list every day and have migrated my snacks and dinners to be off the list 80% of the time too.

I’m doing the sleep calculations and finding that 7.5 hours is indeed better than 8 hours. Well, actually for me it is about 7 hrs 40 mins as clearly my sleep cycle is a little out from the norm but I just set my alarm for 7 hrs and 45 mins time (or 9 hours and 20 mins, luxury…) and wake up before it most days. Hooray.

I’m also incorporating HIITS (through circuits, hills or sprint intervals) into my workouts 2-3 times per week.


The sum total impact of these changes is that my energy in general, and especially for running, is massively improved, I have had less headaches and none of the weird eye trouble that was bothering me for the last few summers (which I only began to work out was due to dehydration by being more hydrated and getting rid of it!). My weight goes up and down but overall I see a very slight downward trend and a body shape change that I find positive.


I have definitely reaped rewards from small changes. I’m looking forward to staying in good shape and doing my best in 2 half marathon races in Sep and Oct and a series of trail races over winter.


Thanks for your input, it has helped a whole lot!

More great results for programme participants...

 ‘The most important change about my routine is that caring about my health and my body has become an essential part of my life now and I incorporate this in my weekly plan.’

'You had such a positive impact on my health!  The changes I started with you have grown and grown.  I have completely changed my body composition, I am stronger and faster physically, my heart is healthier and I have changed the way I work to stay in better form mentally.  I can't thank you enough for getting me off the "I run 3 times a week so I am fine" cycle and into considering my health from a more holistic life perspective!'


‘I feel significantly better, have loads more energy - Thanks - a few simple undertakings making a real difference in my life.’


‘I feel like a new person.  10kg lighter and full of energy.’


'I find myself with more energy to cater for the heavy demand at work whilst I can sleep better at night.'


‘Practical and realistic. Gave me a new perspective.’


‘I’m amazed that my back is now pain free.  Thank you!’


‘I discovered a new way to relax anywhere.’


‘Opened up wellbeing enough to make it attractive for people out of it for a long time.’


‘Provides good and concrete indication of actions to do.’


'I was inspired by behaviours of colleagues on the programme.'

‘I feel great. As you saw I have loved it and am keen to keep it going.’

‘The whole team really enjoyed having time devoted to themselves and their needs. They've really benefited from the new knowledge they have.’

‘Since the programme, I am pleased and proud to report that I have lost 22lb in weight. I ran my first half marathon in June and have registered for another in 8 weeks time. I bought a bike and have fallen in love with cycling and now even enjoy the time I spend in the gym, which was previously my idea of hell! I have transformed my diet and I have never felt so alive and healthy. I stay hydrated and sleep at least 8 hours every night, more if I can. Long may this new lifestyle continue...Thank you and regards.'

‘I saw a few people on the programme, physically very fit, who exercised regularly, and got really angry with myself that I hadn’t managed it so far – so I came back home and made radical changes. Once I make up my mind, I go and do things so this is how it worked.’

‘I’m much more motivated to exercise now.’


‘My diet is 100 times better than it has been for a very long time.’


‘The yoga breathing techniques I’ve learnt have helped me when I feel stressed.’


‘I feel fitter than I have done in years.’

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