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3 Simple ways to boost energy throughout the day

There are moments in any working day when things can feel tough.

Getting the food routine right can really make a huge positive difference for everyone when it comes to how you feel able to cope with any challenge.

Here are three key things to think about:

1. You've heard it many times but that's because it really matters. Eat breakfast. Choose porridge with blueberries and a sprinkling of nuts or seeds. A great way to kick-start your day for maximum energy. Oats are high in calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin E, B vitamins and protein. So as well as helping improve your skin, oats are brilliant for those suffering from tiredness. Blueberries are high in vitamin C and antioxidants to boost your immune system.

2. When you need to top up the energy levels, reach for fresh fruit with a spoonful of low fat, low sugar yoghurt and a sprinkling of seeds. The protein in the seeds and the yoghurt will slow the energy release of the fruit keeping you going for longer.

3. A perfect energy boosting meal is wholemeal rice with oily fish and vegetables. The vegetables will provide plenty of vitamins and minerals to help your body function effectively. Brown rice also provides great energy while cleansing your digestive system to help you process all food efficiently and turn it into effective fuel. Oily fish helps keep your brain alert and sharp.

These options require minimal planning but can increase effectiveness and enjoyment of the entire day. As an added bonus, a day of eating well will also help you sleep better and boost your energy for the following day.



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