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A simple strategy to optimise personal effectiveness

The ability to perform effectively is dictated by how energetic, focused, engaged and in control you feel.

To ensure you remain in this positive frame of mind at all times, create clearly defined appointments in your schedule to review your effectiveness.

A simple pattern to follow is:

  • 1 hour review time per month. At the beginning, end or in the middle of the month, you decide.

  • 20 minutes review time per week. Recommended to be in the middle of the week rather than Monday morning or Friday afternoon.

  • 6 minutes review time per day. This can be broken into three mini-reviews of 2 minutes each to keep you track throughout the day.

In total that's just 52 review / planning hours per working year. Less than 3% of your time if you work a 35 hour week. 52 hours invested in yourself that can make an enormous difference to every single minute you spend at work and which will also have a positive impact on your life outside of work.

It's vital to structure your review time and you can do this with some key learning questions. Come up with your own or use some of ours from this article on learning questions.

What are you waiting for? Get reviewing and get effective.



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