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Always moving forwards: daily learning questions

There is a phrase in coaching that states, ‘there is no failure, only feedback’.

It’s a mantra that helps us learn from everything we do and view everything as a positive experience. Even if life doesn’t always go as planned, we can always learn something to make our approach better tomorrow. To make the process of learning as we go easier, set yourself up with some key questions to ask yourself every day.

What did I enjoy doing today?

What would I like to do more of?

What would I like to do less of?

What did I learn today?

What went well?

What will I do differently tomorrow?

Thought / observation / key learning for the day...

The process of daily learning questions will soon become automatic, very fast and habitual. As life progresses you can adjust your learning questions to suit changing circumstances. The main thing is that you always ensure regular review of what you do so that you can improve your approach day by day.



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