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A technique to generate action

Use this exercise to generate motivation, action and results with all areas of healthy living. 1. Write out your top 3 healthy living priorities 2. Which of your objectives is the most urgent? 3. Which of your objectives is the most exciting? 4. How long have you wanted these objectives? Are they new? Have the been in your head for a while? 5. What’s your deadline for achieving each objective? 6. How would you feel if you made no progress towards these objectives in a week? A month? 3 months? 6 months? A year? 5 years? How long are you prepared to carry these objectives around with you as something to do rather than something you’ve achieved? Success creates confidence and action creates success. For each of your objectives, answer the following questions, write down your responses and say them out loud.



What exactly do you want to achieve? And then what will that lead you to next? What will be new and different about your approach this time? What will life look like in the future?


When will you be living with success? By what date will your objectives be complete? If your objective includes ongoing behaviour, by what date do you need to have these behaviours up and running? For how long do you need to have these behaviours in place before you feel confident you’ve made a change for life?


How will you achieve your goal as efficiently as possible? What will you do more of, what will you do less of? How committed are you to achieving success?


Who will you make yourself accountable to? Think carefully about your approach here. Are you someone who likes to commit to a lot of people so you put yourself under a little positive pressure to perform? Or do you prefer to make quiet progress and then reveal your success when it’s complete? Whatever your personality type and preferred mode of operating, be clear about who you will recruit to support you and at what stage. It might even be that people don’t know you’re using them but the thought of the big reveal to them is enough to keep you motivated.


This is the most important of all the questions. With powerful motivation we are all unstoppable. Conversely if our why is weak, our actions are half hearted, progress is slow and we become frustrated with ourselves. We might be thinking a lot about our objectives but if thought isn’t translating into action we block results and eventually give up. Why is it worth making the effort to achieve your goals? What difference will success make to your life?



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