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Healthy eating made easy

The quickest way to make the most effective changes to your food routine is to observe what’s happening currently, assess this in relation to your objectives and experiment with one new thing at a time.

Food diary template

To begin keeping a food diary, use the template below and spend the next couple of weeks making notes on:

  • What you eat and drink

  • When you eat and drink it

  • How much you eat or drink at any time

  • How hungry you are when you eat or drink

  • How you feel after you’ve eaten or had something to drink i.e. does your food give you energy or rob you of energy?

Then try some ideas from the suggested schedules, and record how these affect your energy, mood, weight and sleep.

Note: Gradually, your food diary will evolve into a version of the weekly plan for healthy eating which will look something like the suggestions below but can be tailored to suit your schedule.

Use the template beneath and begin to populate each meal and snack with options that work for you, your tastes and your lifestyle.

Healthy Eating Made Easy
Download PDF • 111KB



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