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Healthy food shopping

Healthy eating is made easier with a little organisation. Starting with making sure that you take some time to plan the food schedule that works best for you and your family across the week and then use this plan to simplify your shopping and ensure that you'll have everything you need, when you need it.

This means you'll be able to prepare meals quickly and won't fall into the trap of ordering take out or heating convenience meals when you suddenly get hungry and realise there's nothing in the house!

Plan your meals and shopping

Make a note of the meals and snacks you’re going to incorporate into your routine this week, check what ingredients you already have in the fridge / cupboards and identify what you need and when you’ll stock up.

Healthy eating is most economical if you:

  • Plan which meals and snacks you are likely to eat regularly

  • Stock up on cupboard items that you will use up in the long-term

  • Use your freezer wisely - for frozen vegetables, leftovers, soups and stocks

  • Think realistically about how much fresh produce or fridge items you will consume and buy accordingly. There’s nothing worse than wasting food so if anything it’s better to run out and then top up. As you get into the habits of planning, shopping and preparing you’ll develop a clear idea of what to buy and the quantities you'll need periodically

  • If you do find yourself with items leftover, get creative and see what new dishes you can come up with!

Healthy Eating Made Easy
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