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How to cool down after exercise in the summer

Does the thought of getting sweaty prevent you from exercising before work or in your lunchtime?

Sweating helps our body cool down to its optimal temperature, but when you want to get some exercise in during work hours or lunchtime, remaining sweaty for the rest of the day isn’t the most comfortable situation.

Although there’s no way to completely keep you from breaking a sweat, there are many things you can do to minimise the after effects of a summer workout:

  • Make sure you spend 5 minutes performing a cool down – loosen and stretch out your muscles in the shade and try to get your heart and breathing rates back to normal before jumping into the shower

  • Have a lukewarm/cold shower – this can also be good for muscle recovery!

  • Use a mint shower gel

  • Blow dry your hair on the cool setting

  • Use deodorant

  • Make sure you always bring fresh socks and underwear to change into after your shower!

  • Keep clothing to a minimum for as long as possible i.e. don’t put your jumper/cardigan on until absolutely necessary

  • Drink ice cold water immediately after exercise and whilst you are getting changed – add cucumber to your water for an added cooling benefit, as it has been found that cucumber contains blood cooling properties.

  • Keeping wet wipes handy, in your desk drawer or in your bag, can be useful to quickly freshen up if you haven’t quite cooled down by the time you have returned to work

  • If you can, get a desk fan!



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