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How to Take Charge of Your Sleep, Rest, and Recovery for Optimal Performance

How's your sleep been recently?

Here’s a simple strategy to ensure you’re set up for optimum rest and recovery every single night.

This evening, as you enter your bedroom, pause for a moment and look around.

Ask yourself, ‘is this space set up for optimum rest and recovery?  Is this the ideal environment for me to recharge and get set up for a busy day tomorrow?’

You’re looking for clear, calm and uncluttered.

Make a mental note of anything that strikes you that may be in conflict with the ability to relax.

Some things you might notice, you can fix instantly. For example:

  • Put away any clothes that are lying around

  • Remove any excess technology, including charging cables 

  • Tidy up. Does every item you see need to live in the bedroom? If yes, organise these items.  If not, find them another home.  Step one is simply to remove them from the bedroom

Tackling other things that catch your attention may require a little more thought and time, but even formulating a quick plan to remedy the situation will reduce any stress that could keep you awake. 

You could do this by making a note of:

  • Anything that needs fixed / repaired / repainted / tightened / replaced

  • If your bedroom is tight for storage space, pick one area to prioritise for a clear out and set a date to do this

  • Your wake up system. If you use your phone as your alarm, make it a priority to invest in an alternative. This is an important step in separating yourself from your phone at night

Your ideal sleep environment will depend on your personality so make sure your bedroom is either cosy and comforting, or clinically clear.  Or somewhere in-between that helps you feel calm, depending on your preference

Once you get into the habit of regularly viewing your sleep area throughout this lens, you’ll always have a safe haven for great sleep.

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