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How to stop feeling tired all the time

Life is busy. Which is good.

Many people like it that way, but it can also feel tiring. Which can affect mood, efficiency and enjoyment. So we should all make it a priority to be proactive when it comes to managing energy and enthusiasm.

Here are Seven Simple Habits of Highly Energised People

1. Try morning exercise - yoga stretches, a short run, a swim. You may struggle to get out of bed but what if we promised you it would make you feel more energetic for the rest of the day? Guaranteed.

2. Write a to do list for everyday. Now review the list and think about what you can delegate to someone else either today or at some point over the coming weeks. Focus your efforts and energy on what's left. The things on your list that you enjoy and that allow you to add the most value. Value that only you can add.

Make sure you replace the stuff you delegate with your priority tasks or even allocate some time that is all about you. A walk, some reading, meditation, a phone call to a friend who makes you laugh. Something light-hearted and escapist to recharge your batteries.

3. Write a tasks completed list. What's the point of always focusing on what you have to do without celebrating the stuff that's already out of the way. Acknowledge what you achieve and it will boost your energy.

4. Don't drink alcohol after 9pm and better still, for a great nights sleep, skip it completely.

The difference it makes to your quality of sleep is astonishing. When the alarm goes the next morning, you'll be ready to get up and not feeling desperate for more shut-eye.

5. Don't drink coffee after lunchtime and every time you want a coffee, have a tall glass of water instead.

What you eat will always either make you more or less tired so make the right choice. Some quick tips here with our Go to meals and snacks for good sleep.

6. People get tired when jobs take too long so set deadlines for everything and work in short, sharp bursts. The plan is to get all important commitments and duties out of the way by 5 or 6pm so you can start winding down.

Think of your day as a series of periods of high intensity interval working interspersed with periods of rest, recovery and refocus.

This is a far more successful outlook than thinking about long days of continually pushing through moments of low energy.

7. Stop saying you're tired all the time. Start saying you feel great when anyone asks you and get out of the self-fulfilling rut of saying how exhausted you are. It will only make you feel even more tired. Try it. You can become the person you project.



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