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The Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Wellness and Performance Results: A Step-by-Step Process for Long-Term Progress

We’re not the biggest fans of New Year’s Resolutions.

We’d rather everyone keep an eye on their most relevant wellness and performance habits week by week so that you can gently evolve the plan that works best for you at all times of every year.

This way you can stay ahead of any challenges and make the most of all opportunities.

It’s a work in progress.

And for continuous progress and positive results, you need a process.

The process we suggest is simple. 

It’s 3-steps.

1.    Where are you now?

2.    What does good look like?

3.    Regularly review your unique action plan, motivation and accountability structure

One really easy way to organise the process and maintain your motivation is to use our online self-assessment.

It only takes a few minutes to complete but the guidance it provides can be life changing.

You can find the assessment here:

We suggest you:

1. Complete it this week

2. Use your observations to create your priority action plan for the next 4-12 weeks

3. Make a note in your calendar to revisit the assessment and complete an updated version

4. Repeat this process throughout 2024 and beyond

We know from experience that these regular reviews can be the catalyst to some amazing results.

Here are a couple of examples of what’s possible from two fantastic leaders we’ve worked with recently.

Please share the assessment link and the case studies with your team to inspire them to great things this year.

Success story #1: Senior Leader, Chile

'Your wellness programme definitely had a great impact on me!

Everything started in January 2023 when I set my targets for 2023, one of them was to recover my health condition lost during the pandemic. I had some progress up until May but then then work and all the travelling sort of paused my progress but it also introduced me to your programme and all the dimensions it takes into consideration.

In July I made an important decision and I cut off alcohol, at first it was intended to be for a period of one month but the benefits I have seen are so great that I haven't picked up a glass of wine since July!

I started to sleep much better and with that, I started to feel more energetic, this in turn made me want to exercise more and also, my appetite has lowered. 

So in a couple of months I am now biking to work everyday, playing tennis two-three times a week, improving my diet and have lost about 6-7 kilograms.

I very much appreciate your regular emails which motivate me to continue on this track.

Anyhow, I just wanted to share with you about all these positive changes!'

Success story #2: General Manager, NNPC Group, Nigeria

We regularly check in with everyone we work with.  Here’s the type of feedback we love to receive.

Have you managed to maintain healthy living as a priority? 

Oh yes!  My food, sleep, exercise and stress management are all at good levels that am very happy with.


What have been the benefits of prioritizing your wellness in new ways?

  • My diet is healthy with good eating habits that has seen me shed more weight. I have lost in total 11kg.

  • I sleep better now getting in 6.5 hours on average/ day with some days upto 8 hours.

  • My stress levels are quite low and energy level is at good levels. I get more work  done without being depleted!

  • My activity level has improved in frequency and consistency. I am loving it!.

In all, I am very happy with the benefits I got from prioritizing my wellness.


Have you faced any specific challenges to maintaining your healthy living goals in the last 4 weeks? 

None at all. The only challenge I had earlier was impacting my sleep time. I had implemented the plan we agreed on to have a bedside notepad to take down ideas and work on them in the course of the day as against delving into it late in the evening hence impacting my sleep. I am also structuring my day to include times for creativity so that I ensure I get to those ideas at a later time.

If you'd like support this year for your team, email and let's talk!



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