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Tips for exercising in heat and sun

When the temperature rises, some extra thought needs to go into your normal exercise routine. Follow these handy tips:

  • We may have mentioned this once or twice but make sure you drink lots of water, not just before or after your workout, but all day. Staying hydrated will help prevent some of the symptoms you may experience from exercising in heat such as dizziness, stomach cramps, and headaches. During your workout, sip 150-200ml of water every 15 to 20 minutes

  • If you can, invest in some proper lightweight, breathable sports clothing. These items will wick moisture away from your skin, so you really do feel cooler. Wearing a hat or visor to keep the hot sun off your head and face also helps

  • Hop into a cold shower before your workout in order to adjust your body temperature. Studies have shown that a pre-exercise cool down improves performance in the heat — probably because it lowers your heart rate as well as core and skin temperatures. Even just cooling your neck or head with an ice pack may make a difference

  • Look at your route. Does your usual running or cycling route leave you exposed to the midday sun? Is there a shadier path you can take? Exercising on earth or gravel paths is cooler than concrete or tarmac, which radiates heat and reflects the suns rays making you feel hotter

  • Check the temperatures on the weather app on your phone to see when would be the best time of day to exercise outdoors

  • Slow down if necessary. If you feel yourself getting overheated or feeling dizzy, slow down or take a rest, particularly if you are trying a new sport

  • Refuel with fruit. Most fruits are more than 80 per cent water, so are a tasty way to replenish fluids and boost your energy post-workout. Try putting them in the freezer before you leave home for a tasty treat on your return.

What to wear when you exercise in the summer

Slip, slop, slap and wrap!

Slip on a shirt, slop on some sunscreen, slap on a hat and wrap on some sunnies!


In hot weather it is tempting to wear as little as possible when exercising, but you will actually find that your bodies cooling mechanisms are more efficient when there is an extra barrier between your skin and the sun. The ideal exercise outfits consist of lightweight, breathable shorts, tee-shirts and hats.


At least 15 minutes before you head out into the sun slop on some SPF sunscreen onto the parts of your body that will be exposed. Use a specific face sunscreen on your face to prevent it from getting into your eyes when you start sweating.


Unless you’re bald, it isn’t likely that you are going to put sunscreen on your scalp, and we all know how much a burnt scalp hurts…so slap on a hat! As well as protecting your head, it also provides another layer of protection for your face.


Protect your eyes and prevent the development of crow’s feet wrinkles around the eyes that come about from squinting.

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