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Yoga & Pilates: FAQs

Many people aren't too sure what's involved with yoga or Pilates or have concerns about giving them a go. These FAQs will help...

I am too inflexible for Yoga

You are the perfect candidate! The purpose of Yoga is to create balance in the body by working with the breath to release restriction in the muscles and connective tissue.

As long as you don't force the movements, your flexibility will gradually improve and you will feel better.

Yoga is too difficult

When we try anything new we have to acclimatise to the workout or system. It can feel uncomfortable in some stretches because the muscles need releasing. There are many styles and speeds and you will find the right one for you.

Beginners will learn the positions and progress to Dynamic sessions. Postures can be modified to help people to get into positions that feel uncomfortable for them at first.

I can't sit cross-legged

Many people spend hours at a desk causing shortening in muscle groups. There are other seated poses that can help open the hips. Props can also be used to make this more comfortable.

I find it too slow

We are used to constant stimulation in our daily lives and there’s nothing wrong with this but it is also important to recharge and refocus our energy and effort.

Some yoga systems are slower than others as the aim is to reach a point of stillness. If you find it hard to sit still, the more flowing versions can help you to wind down. It‘s then easier to hold positions after you have found your connection.

It takes too long

As with all elements of the programme we encourage you to apply the techniques so they fit into your life. While longer sessions of Yoga or Pilates are great when time allows, regular practice of the elements that work best for you will produce great results and will only take a few minutes.

Isn’t Yoga / Pilates just lying down?

Definitely not. Both are used by England Rugby Union players, professional footballers and teams in the NFL and NBA as well as an ever growing number of business professionals as an integral part of training and living.

How are they different?

They produce similar results in different ways by focusing on strengthening some areas of the body while relaxing others. Both promote a sense of calm and relaxation, but not before a stimulating workout!



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