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4 Top tips for managing your time

Rather than thinking about spending time, think about investing it. What returns on your investment will you be looking for with how you choose to spend each hour of your day?

1. Keep notes on where your time goes and plan to make adjustments week by week.

2. Have a clear idea of what your ideal week looks like. Share this with the people who may have an influence of whether you’re able to achieve it or not.

3. Regularly review how you compile your daily / weekly list of priorities. Are there any tasks that can be done differently or even removed from your to do list?

4. Review how efficient you are in various areas of life. Do you do things at the times when you are able to do them in the most effective way. Scheduling tasks at the wrong times means they could take longer than they need to or maybe even have to be repeated. Sometimes a small shift in the order in which you do things can make a huge change to the effectiveness of the day.

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