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8 Steps for successful behaviour change

As you embark on living a healthier life, your progress will be quicker if you explore the following steps in as much detail as possible.

Take time to brainstorm responses to each of the points below and make sure you write down your thoughts as this helps to process them in detail and anticipate any potential hurdles along the way. And begin planning how you'll overcome these immediately.

1. Clear objectives and deadlines

What are you setting out to achieve and when will each of your objectives be complete?

2. Research

What do you need to know to achieve your objectives? Are there any knowledge gaps you need to fill that will help you fast-track your results?

3. Action planning

What do you need to do to achieve your objectives and when do you need to carry out all actions?

4. Accountability

In addition to yourself, who are you going to make yourself accountable to?

5. Structure

Outline the progressive sequence of actions towards achieving each of your objectives.

6. Feedback, flexibility and modification

Which parts of your plan can you control, which elements might be beyond your control, where might you need to be flexible in the face of new events and knowledge? How often will you review your progress? What time of the day / week will you do this?

7. The end point

How will you know when you’ve achieved success? Describe your life at this point in as much detail as possible.

8. Clear, compelling, meaningful personal benefits

Note down as many positives related to achieving your objectives as you can and continually review and update this list.



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