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A simple framework for healthy living success in 2023 and beyond

Here are a some really clear and simple guidelines to keep in mind throughout this year. They will help you keep your health, energy and mood on track at all times. Check that you've got these areas covered today and for the next few days and weeks.

Get into the habit of checking through this list regularly. It takes seconds to think about, minutes to plan and it will make every day and every week run more smoothly. Activity / Exercise

  • Stretch throughout the day

  • Plan for regular movement throughout each day or 10,000 steps if you prefer

  • Schedule a workout every 2-3 days. This will ensure 2-3 workouts per week which will result in 100-150 workouts per year. That's impressive.

  • Vary your workouts to include cardio & strength training, core work & stretching

  • Focus totally on your exercise when you're doing it, work hard, get results, move on and enjoy the rest of your day

Healthy Eating

  • Follow the mantra of 'the right food at the right time in the right quantity, for me and what I'd like to achieve'. What you'd like to achieve could include weight management, increased energy, better sleep, improved mood & performance

  • Stay hydrated at all times

  • Create a schedule of the best times for you to eat and keep this consistent

  • Begin a list of meals and snacks that you like. Add variety to the list each week

  • Eat slowly and chew your food


  • Take breaks throughout the day, take deep breaths of fresh air

  • Establish your best sleep routine and stick to it

  • Make choices through the day that will help you sleep at night

  • Create a calm sleep environment

  • Turn off technology in good time to relax, unwind and sleep well

Life Balance

  • Think about how much down time you'd like each day / week

  • Know what to do with your down time: keep expanding your list of options

  • Plan your balanced routine every week so you can enjoy down time when you have it. Otherwise know as work effectively, play effectively

  • Share your plans with others involved in them - at work and at home

  • Regularly review your approach to work, life, family and social balance



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