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Assemble your healthy living support team

Throughout your quest to live a healthier life, you’ll increase your chances of success if you avoid trying to go it alone. Taking advantage of this programme is one great way of receiving external help, well done, and there are many other support strategies that you can put in place. For example, the company you keep every day is crucial to how well you’ll do.

Elsewhere we look at beliefs and how some of our limiting beliefs can impede progress with any area of change we’re looking to make.

Something else to be mindful of is that everyone we know holds certain views and beliefs about us. While you can’t control what other people think and do, you need to be aware of how their beliefs may impact your results.

As an extreme example, if you’re surrounded by people who don’t believe that healthy living is particularly important, and who consistently say and do things that undermine what you’re trying to achieve, you will become frustrated with these people as they slow y our progress.

While completely revising your entire social circle or reworking your relationships with troublesome family members might be a project for another day, one thing you must do right away is dilute any negative influences by making sure you have a robust support network full of people who share your sense of purpose, your passion, your beliefs and your priorities. Surrounding yourself with the company of like-minded people as much as possible will help you stay strong and motivated at all times.

Spend some time thinking about who you need to be in regular contact with to remain motivated. Plan emails, group chat, telephone calls, meet ups and online communication with as many people as possible who will inspire you, educate you, encourage you and act as your role models.

Your support network can be made up of friends, family and experts. Some people you’ll already be in regular communication with but others may be new to you and could be based on the other side of the world. Be creative with reaching out to learn from others who are where you’d like to be with their healthy living results or who have been where you are now and who can help you fast track your progress.

Members of my support network who inspire and motivate me and who I can be in regular communication with:




Members of my social network with whom I need to be mindful how much contact I have:

Members of my social network with whom I need to minimise contact:



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