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Back pain: 3 moves to release tension

We come across too many people suffering with painful backs from spending hours at their desk or traveling in cars, trains or planes. All that sitting can cause your back to tighten up and can become really uncomfortable.

Here are three moves to keep your back flexible and prevent any long-term pain or injury and they only take a few minutes each day.

​​1) Curving the Spine Start with a flat back, inhale, as you exhale pull up pelvic floor muscle, navel to spine, lower head and tailbone and curve spine.

Benefits – this move strengthens and tones abdominal muscles and massages internal organs.

2) Arching the Spine Return to a flat back, inhale, as you exhale raise head and tailbone.

Benefits – this move strengthens spine and relaxes the neck and shoulders helping to combat stress.

​3) Hip Rolls Arms out at shoulder level, knees bent with feet flat on floor. Inhale, then exhale while lowering your knees to the right and turning your head to the left. Return to the centre and repeat on other side.

Benefits – this move aids digestion and relieves tension in your neck.



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