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Back to school healthy living

It’s back to school time here in London so it's a great opportunity to pause for a moment to check in on where you are with your approach to healthy living and make any changes that will guarantee Grade A results for the future.

To save you some time here are a few ideas that have been making a big difference to those we’ve been working with recently along with some motivating resources:

  • A simple top tip to fast-track healthy living results

  • Instant feel-good actions: 7 quick wellbeing wins

  • 2 inspiring books you should read

  • 2 super speedy workouts to boost your energy

Get stuck in and share the advice with your team...

Top tip to fast-track healthy living results: why wait to feel great?

If you’re already aware of the lifestyle changes that would make the biggest difference to how you feel, perform and enjoy life, take action today.  

Getting started won’t be any easier tomorrow, next week won’t be quieter and next month will not present the ideal opportunity you've been waiting for.  

Do something right now and by this time tomorrow, next week and next month you’ll be well on your way to achieving your bigger picture healthy living goals.  

If you're not sure how to get started, here are...

7 things you can do immediately that will boost physical energy and mental fitness. Pick one for today and one for every day of the coming week.

  • Get hydrated

  • Eat the first of 5 daily pieces of fruit and veg

  • Take a break

  • Practice deep breathing to focus your mind

  • Sit / stand with good posture

  • Take a walk

  • Schedule a 10 minute workout

Books we’ve loved recently

These books are packed with masses of strategic and practical advice - we've picked out a couple of points on how some of the content can help with wellness and performance. If you read the books, let us know how they help you and your organisation.

Alive at Work

The neuroscience of helping your people love what they do

Daniel M. Cable

Applications for wellness: individuals and teams are keen for success so let’s be creative about how we work (and live and teach and coach and train) to create engagement where there’s resistance and motivation where there’s frustration. Focus on developing a sense of purpose and passion at work (and with living a healthy life).

The Leading Brain

Neuroscience hacks to work smarter, better, happier

Friederike Fabritius & Hans W Hagemann

Applications for wellness: update your thought patterns to focus on what you want to achieve rather than spending time reinforcing outcomes you’d rather avoid.  Know when good is good enough for some areas of life leaving you more time to spend on what you love and where you excel. 

In need of an energy boost?

If you need to energise quickly, here are a couple of super fast workouts you can do anywhere.

Please feel free to share anything in this post with colleagues.

And finally, for all those still working from home remember to download our report on how to Optimise Wellness and Performance While WFH



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