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Discipline is Destiny. Or is it?

We found the title of this book intriguing because the subject of discipline often crops when we're speaking to people about maximising their wellness and performance. What’s the secret to success we ask?

Often they suggest that they just need to be disciplined in order to succeed. The immediate drawback with this approach is that being disciplined sounds like a lot of effort. It makes us tired just thinking about it. Making the effort to be regular with our workouts. Having to galvanise ourselves to make good food choices. Forcing ourselves to get to bed on time. Steeling ourselves to have the difficult conversations to ensure other people don’t try to take control of our (often most productive) time. It’s exhausting But it doesn’t have to be this way. We know, from personal experience, and from thousands of people we’ve worked with, that when you are living with the positive results of making appropriate lifestyle choices every day, there’s actually very little discipline required. In fact, you make time for exercise and look forward to it because it sharpens your mind and helps you relax. You seek out opportunities to make good food choices because you know this will leave you feeling physically energised and mentally alert. You prioritise your sleep, rest and recovery because you know this enables you to operate efficiently for the whole of the next day. You’re happy to be clear with other people about what you need to perform at your best because this helps you add value and enjoy what you do every day. You’ll also notice here that other people appreciate openness in this area and usually value the opportunity to voice their parameters too. Win-win. So forget about generating discipline and instead spend a little time thinking about the positive results you’ll be living with by focusing on healthy habits, and let this cultivate the desire to make good choices every day. When we desire something positive, this creates consistent energy, creativity and opportunity. When we rely on discipline, progress may be short lived.

Beyond all of that, this is a book definitely worth a read.



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