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Go to meals and snacks for good sleep

What you eat and when you eat it can dramatically affect how you sleep. In the quest for quality slumber, here are some meals and snacks that you’ll definitely want to eat regularly.


  • Banana porridge

  • Whole-meal toast with poached eggs

  • Bran with banana and flaxseed

Mid morning snacks

  • Rice cakes and nut butter with fresh fruit

  • Tuna on crisp bread


  • Turkey wrap with peppers

  • Jacket potato with salad and tuna sweetcorn

  • Smoked mackerel salad

  • Spinach and mushroom frittata

  • Tuna, chickpea and red pepper salad

Mid afternoon snacks

  • Yoghurt and fruit with nuts / seeds

  • Apple and oatcakes

Evening meals

  • Grilled tuna with potatoes and vegetables

  • Baked salmon with noodles, green beans and mange tout

  • Roast chicken, roasted vegetables and sweet potato

  • Pork chops with broccoli, peas and spinach

  • Salmon burgers with new potatoes and salad



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