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Healthy habits for 2020: Create a positive mindset

It’s around this time in January when certain aspects of your busy life that you’ve so far managed to push away in order to prioritise your healthy living objectives become more difficult to ignore.

Next Monday marks the point at which many people give up on a new approach and revert to the old routines and habits that don’t necessarily leave them feeling at their best each day. Here's how you avoid this.

Think positively and invest in your future

To stay focused on long term success with habit change, make a detailed list of everything positive you will gain by changing the way you operate. Here are a few examples.

  • Exercise doesn’t cost you time or take you away from work or family, it gives you energy to be more efficient and reduces stress to help you think clearly and enjoy all elements of a balanced life.

  • Preparing a few healthy meals or snacks ahead of time can save you time (and money) each week and improve your mood, concentration and quality of sleep.

  • Taking a few moments to regularly fill up your water bottle adds activity to your day and staying hydrated improves the effectiveness of everything you do.

  • A tactical approach to caffeine can improve focus, hydration and help you maintain performance across your entire day.

  • Some strategic planning with your alcohol strategy can create hours of extra quality sleep and effective productivity every month.

  • Scheduling regular breaks will improve the quality of everything you do and help you to remain effective instead of just being busy.

You get the idea.

So, every time you feel tempted to revert to old routines, remind yourself of every single benefit of staying focused on embedding new behaviour.

Remember too that every positive action, whether this be to do more of some things or less of others, is a key investment in feeling good and performing at your best later today and into tomorrow.

Establish this way of thinking and operating and you'll make daily progress and always be on track and in control of healthy habits.



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