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Healthy habits made easy

The road to healthy habits is smoothest when kept simple with the 5 steps below:

  1. Identify exactly what’s going on now. What do you currently do that detracts from optimum wellbeing and performance, and what do you currently do that promotes optimum wellbeing and performance?

  2. Do more of what provides you with energy, focus, motivation, enjoyment, balance and the abiltity to lead by example

  3. Do less of anything that you feel is inconsistent with your objectives for living a healthy life and, ultimately, is sabotaging you in your efforts to achieve what you want from each day, week, month and year

  4. Save yourself time and effort and make all healthy choices unconscious and automatic by fixing them in time, associating them with specific locations or attaching them to other tasks that appear regularly in your routine.

  5. Use the template below to identify and reduce what doesn’t support you and clarify and embed everything that does.


Self-sabotage day

Compassionate wellness day



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