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How to prevent back pain costing your business

Back pain is a major contributor to reduced productivity and staff taking time off work. So here are 6 ways for you to help colleagues avoid any unnecessary pain and discomfort and keep your business running efficiently at all times.

1) Back care & healthy spine workshop This workshop / webinar highlights common back issues faced by individuals working in a variety of professional and manual roles, and explains how to avoid injuries and how to cure them quickly if they do arise. The session focuses on techniques that can be incorporated into the working day, as well as leading all participants through the quickest way to design a balanced and functional exercise / activity routine that will keep their spine (as well as the rest of their body) in great shape, whatever their lifestyle, fitness level or objectives.

2) Back care / injury clinic

Individual consultations conducted online can target effective strategies to cure or prevent back issues for everyone in your team. Action planning can include guidance on self massage, advice on stretching and mobility along with proactive strength and stability exercises for optimum spinal health.

3) Wellbeing clinics

Much of the tension that we experience throughout our body, and particularly our back, can be rooted in how we manage stress, how we sleep and how we eat to enable our body to operate efficiently and to recover from the busy-ness of every day.

These 121 appointments provide guidance on simple lifestyle changes each person can incorporate into their daily routine in order to alleviate physical and mental tension and replace this with a demeanour of strength, focus and control.

4) Online group workouts Regular movement is a key took in the prevention and management of back issues. Correct technique is vital for safe and effective exercise and organising regular workouts for your colleagues will keep everyone healthy and energetic as well as providing a great opportunity for some endorphin fuelled team bonding and fun.

5) Yoga taster sessions

Yoga helps staff stretch, breathe, relax and balance their body and mind. Regular classes help employees develop great health and build a portfolio of injury prevention techniques.

6) Pilates taster sessions

Pilates classes teach staff how to develop a strong and functional physical base upon which safe and effective daily movements can be performed.

If you'd like to discuss any of these initiatives for your business please drop us an email.



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