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If you want to improve business results, focus on personal performance

Everyone’s attitude towards health and wellbeing is different.

Because of this, in order to help employees bring about lasting lifestyle change, far from supplying off the shelf corporate health packages, the best corporate wellbeing companies will take the time to understand each organisation they work with and design a range of initiatives to appeal to a wide range of individual requirements.

Clearly the greatest return on investment doesn’t come from offering broad incentives that appeal to the minority, but from targeting specific ideas to selected audiences at the right time.

The best wellbeing initiatives, therefore, are those that help employees develop a workable and effective wellbeing plan of their own.

By focusing on the individual, it is possible to offer more exciting and engaging solutions which capture the imagination of employees, leading to strong take-up and enthusiastic participation.

These are far more valuable and gain better results both physically and fiscally, raising staff morale, maximising personal effectiveness and greatly improving general health awareness.

Wellbeing at work is about encouraging active engagement which, in turn, supports a healthy culture in the office. Employees will then take responsibility for their own wellbeing and their approach to dealing with everyday challenges. Whatever your business, your wellbeing programme should always be enabling.


By establishing strong relationships with staff during programmes and then checking up on them regularly, your wellbeing consultant(s) should be able to ensure individuals succeed in reaching their goals.

In a supportive way, they can hold them accountable in order to help them make the transition from having personal wellbeing on their list of ‘things I have to do’, to having it on their list of ‘things I really want to do’.

The hardest part of any journey is taking the first step, and by encouraging employees to consider their approach to health and wellbeing at work, you can bring the first step to them, making it much easier for them to implement lasting change and maximise personal performance.



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