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Men's health week: know your numbers

When it comes to business facts and figures, men tend to know their numbers inside out.

But what about other numbers that really matter? Now there's a challenge.

We're talking about Blood Pressure, Resting Heart Rate, Blood Sugar and Cholesterol.

The numbers that really make a difference to how successful you are.

But why are they so crucial and what's the best way to monitor and manage them?

Taking vital measurements such as blood pressure can be the difference between spotting a health problem early on and fixing it easily, or someone facing a major health crisis somewhere down the line.

Stress in offices can be a major contributor to high numbers that need addressing but if a man doesn't visit his GP or work doesn't offer a screening programme, chances are that this will go unchecked until it's too late. We've screened clients who haven't had their numbers checked in 20 years!

3 reasons to get your numbers checked sooner rather than later:

1. You can't tell from the outside what the state of your health is. You may look in great shape, you may be in great shape but wouldn't you prefer guarantees rather than presumptions?

2. Any problems that are spotted can be addressed quickly and changes can be made to your lifestyle to remedy them

3. Age doesn't count when it comes to this aspect of your life. A 21 year old could have seriously high blood pressure - not just a 50 year old

We'd advise getting checks done every 6 months and if needed, you'll be asked to come back in between. You can get checks done with your GP, sometimes at your local health club or at work, either with an on-site screening programme or an annual healthy check you may be entitled to as part of your package.

It's on you to find out the easiest way to keep tabs on everything and here are 3 reasons why it's well worth it.

Firstly, you can stop worrying about things you may not need to worry about. Many health KPIs will be fine and this can be reassuring given that some people have a tendency to think with worst when it comes to their health.

Secondly, metrics can be motivating. If you do need to make some improvements you can set targets to hit and / or timelines to meet and this will lead to positive behaviours.

Finally, know your numbers can be a great way to shape your plan for exercise / activity and to know that every minute you spend working out has a specific intention and that you're regularly contributing to improving your situation.

The final thing to remember is that testing any metrics usually doesn't take long. But can be life changing.

On many occasions we've spent 10-20 minutes with guys who've discovered something about themselves that has changed the course of their life forever.

And who can't spare 10-20 minutes?



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