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Planning a life of balance

Your healthy living objectives will be most easily achieved when seen as an integral part and a strong foundation of success in all other areas of your life.

Use the template below to pin down what you want to achieve in a selection of ‘departments’ of life over a variety of time frames. Feel free to add or amend the left hand column to include all important areas of your life.

When you begin completing the chart, take notice of which boxes you fill in first. Is your preference to think about the short, medium or long term? Are there certain areas that you feel drawn to or more in control of than others? Challenge yourself to think about the areas / time frames that scare you the most.

Over the course of our lives priorities change but what’s consistent is that you will feel happiest when your life is balanced, so revisit and revise this document regularly. By clarifying the detail of what you’re aiming to achieve, and when, you dramatically improve your chances of success.

Three things to think about:

1. When you first complete the grid, add dates to the time frames along the top – otherwise you’ll always be chasing moving targets. A 1-month deadline is always a month away. February 15th (for example) is a fixed point of accountability.

2. You can add as many areas of life or as many time frames as you like. Add in 9 months, 2 years, 4 years, 8 years, 15 years etc if this helps.

3. Regularly check the 1-month column for all areas as what appears in this column is always useful when putting together your daily and weekly to-do lists.

Planning a life of balance
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