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Preparing for a stress free summer holiday

This is the time of the year, many people usually look forward to – the moment they can finally take a break and relax on their summer holiday.

But some reports claim that what should be a break from the busy-ness of the rest of the year actually ends up being more stressful than it needs to be as people try desperately to complete tasks in time to catch a plane, or they end up fielding emails and calls while they are supposed to be on the beach relaxing.

For many there is also the concern that all the recent months of home working will make it more difficult to switch off, maintain boundaries and enjoy some much needed time away from screens, Zoom and our home offices or kitchen table work stations.

So what's the secret to maximising your holiday and getting to the beach without being a stressed out mess?

At the Tonic we believe that it’s vital to have some time in the year dedicated to you so you can relax, recharge your batteries and nourish the mind and body that are under pressure for the majority of your working routine. So today we begin a short series of advice on how to guarantee you enjoy your vacation and return feeling fully refreshed and raring to go.

We start with what to do in the run up to your departure date to ensure you’re not completely frazzled before you even get to your destination.

Pre-Holiday Work Routine

Plan to leave yourself some reflection time before your departure for tying up loose ends and briefing colleagues on how to cover for your absence. Your intention should be to finish what needs done with a couple of hours to spare on the day before you leave. Not to be in the office until midnight finishing off what you should have done days ago.

Pre-Holiday Fitness Routine

If you’re like most of the population, you’ll want to be in good mental and physical shape for your summer holiday. Scheduling regular workouts in the run up to take off will ensure a better result on this front than trying to cram in 5 workouts in the week before you go. Regular exercise - 2 or 3 workouts per week - will also keep you calm and focused if you have a busy period before you leave.

Pre-Holiday Food Routine

Stay on track with regular, fresh meals and snacks, a maximum of two coffees per day and alcohol in moderation. Too much processed food, caffeine and alcohol will raise stress levels and reduce your ability to focus on what needs done before you go.



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