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Preparing For Autumn / Winter

Much as we would all love summer and our holidays to carry on forever, everything good has to come to an end.

Next summer will be here before you know it so one of the best things you can do this year is take a little time to think about what works well for you during the summer so you can either continue the same positive actions for the rest of the year, or make some seasonal adaptations that will change your routine but keep your results consistent.

For example:

· If you make use of the longer days to exercise in the summer, be realistic about whether you’ll continue to get up early or stay up late during the winter or if you need to think about exercising at a different time of the day. Perhaps lunchtime would be a more realistic winter option.

· If your summer exercise routine is outdoors, will you seek indoor versions of the same activities – running on a treadmill, cycling in the gym or on a turbo trainer, swimming at the local indoor pool rather than outdoors – or will you need to line up something completely different?

· If you enjoy salads during summer, vegetable hot pots may suit you in winter. Healthy soups can be packed with vitamins and nutrients and will keep you warm, and any favourite summer BBQ options can be made on the grill in the kitchen through the winter.

· With reduced daylight hours you may prefer to sleep a little longer in the winter, but even if the duration of your nightly sleep changes, always aim for regularity with your winter bedtime and wake up time so you can ensure quality rest.

As autumn arrives and the nights begin to get darker earlier you can still continue with the feel good factor. Continue to develop your year round plan for success. There should be no reason to slip back into old routines as the seasons change. Set aside some time to think about what alternative options you can try to stay ahead with healthy living. Hibernation is great – but only in moderation!



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