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Small changes, big results

We all recognise that how good we feel each day is dictated by our habits. Small things that add up to big results.

One issue many people face is that they tend to overlook how the small contributions can add up to positive results and underestimate the dramatic impact that many of our not so healthy habits might have when all put together.

For example, its recommended that we all eat our 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. It’s a good number to aim for but we see people who don’t think they can manage 5 a day and so they don’t bother eating any. Not only might they miss out on vitamins, minerals and nutrients, as well as a way to manage their energy and boost their mood, psychologically they’re not operating from a positive place. The fact that they’re not achieving their 5 a day leaves them with a sense of failure.

We recommend instead that every individual thinks carefully about what they can achieve and aim for this. 1 a day is 365 a year. 2 a day is 730 a day. This is potentially a huge contribution towards living a healthy life. And here’s the good bit.

Managing and evolving your own expectations, and reviewing your actions in relation to your individual wellbeing goals, will change your mindset. If you set your initial target at 2 a day and you achieve this, you’ll feel great. If you exceed this you’ll feel fantastic.

And if you feel great, you’ll be more likely to replicate this success the following day. And the more days you feel great, the more ways you’ll seek out to feel even better. You’ll identify other small, regular contributions that will lead to fantastic momentum. If you’re eating better, staying hydrated, moving more you’ll be more likely to prioritise rest and recovery, squeeze in more activity or prioritise life balance and me time.

Never under estimate the importance of every small healthy living choice.



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