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Visualisation: 6 steps to making it work for you

Taking time to visualise living a healthy live will ensure that you have total clarity on all the positive reasons why prioritising your wellbeing is worthwhile for you.

This will help you fast-track your results. It will also help you anticipate any potential challenges and begin developing

strategies to deal with these quickly and efficiently should they arise.

The more regularly you visualise successful outcomes, the sooner you will realise them!

Practice these 6 steps for a few moments every day. Track your progress with regular overview notes and observations.

  1. Picture yourself living your ideal healthy life. When you reach your healthy living goals, how will you feel? Confident? Self-satisfied? Triumphant? Powerful? Happy? Think of as many emotions as you can and write them down.

  2. When you are living your ideal healthy life, how is life different? What does each day look like? How does your weekly schedule flow? Imagine your future routine in clear, bright detail with as many sights, sounds and feelings / sensory impressions as you are able to elicit.

  3. When you reach your ideal routine, how is your mindset different? What new thoughts, beliefs and values occupy your head? Which of the thoughts, tasks, commitments and people that feature in your current daily routine will you have amended, updated or removed?

  4. When you are living your ideal healthy life, what are others saying to you about your achievements? What would you like other people to be saying about you and the way you approach health, wellness and personal performance?

  5. How does living your ideal healthy life affect your self image and the image you portray to those around you? What will you be saying to others about yourself and your achievements? How does this make you feel?

  6. As you visualise future success, note down any actions you wish to take right now to speed up your progress?



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