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Set yourself up for guaranteed success with this fail-safe goal setting technique

To guarantee your best chance of success with healthy living now and in the future, here’s a simple process that will ensure your goals are well formed, thoroughly planned and ready to become a reality sooner rather than later. The process is made up of 11 key questions. Explore these questions in detail and you’ll be clear on all the benefits of realising your goals. You’ll also anticipate any potential pitfalls along the way and begin planning how to work around them immediately.

The more time you spend planning, the quicker your results will be. 1. State your outcome as a positive experience – what specifically are you aiming to achieve? 2. Establish precisely where you are now in relation to your chosen objective. Be clear on how much work needs to be done to bridge the gap. 3. Ask yourself, what will I see, hear and feel when I achieve my outcome? 4. Establish how you will know when you have achieved your outcome – what evidence will you experience? 5. What will achieving this outcome do for me? What’s the point of making the effort?

6. Check that your chosen outcome is created by you and will benefit you. An objective that’s your idea is more likely to happen than something that someone else thinks will be good for you.

7. Establish what resources you will need to achieve your outcome – what’s missing in your current routine that will need to feature in the future – this could be a gym membership, a bike, healthy eating resources, a support network, or even just some time prioritised for working on your objective.

8. Be aware of any costs or consequences to you, or anyone else, of you achieving your outcome. If you think you might lose something along the way, this could slow your progress.

9. Make sure your chosen outcome is within your control and that your success is not at the mercy of others. Grab back control where you need to.

10. Check that your objective is truly exciting, compelling and desirable. The more you want it, the quicker it will happen.

11. Be clear on your first action. And then take this action quickly.



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