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Tackling the number 1 wellbeing priority for busy Executives

Every individual and team that we partner with will benchmark their wellbeing and performance at the beginning of our work with them.

Typically they rate themselves around 80% satisfied with their effectiveness at work which is excellent and not too surprising as we work with a lot of people who put plenty of time and effort into their career and professional life.

What we find interesting is that ratings for satisfaction with fitness, sleep, physical and mental energy levels, and enjoyment of leisure time are typically around 55-65%.

Which suggests that there are many individuals, teams and organisations out there achieving great things professionally, but with some personal compromise along the way.

Tackling a busy and challenging schedule while neglecting some of the fundamental healthy habits is like driving with the brakes on.

So imagine how great all the professional success could be with a few minor lifestyle changes.

Through our programmes we see an average improvement of 14% increased satisfaction across the range of health, wellness and performance in just the first 3-months.

It’s not unusual for some participants to improve their overall satisfaction scores by up to 35% which is life-changing.

Progress is made by designing realistic action plans and uncovering the underlying motivation to create sustainable change.

And by tackling swift steps to tackle what matters most.

So, given that the number one challenge for busy executives is fitting in the amount of exercise and activity they’d like, here are some resources to help everyone create a schedule of workouts that slots into the routine, supports success in all areas of life, is enjoyable and gets results.

Starting with...

And of course including plenty of practical advice for quick workouts you can fit in anywhere.

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